Beyond Golf: Cycling Golfers

Winter 22/23 indoor golf season has just begun! We’re looking forward to it. We’re also looking forward to building another team of cycling golfers to ride as the Swing Golf Lounge cycling team in the Ride to Conquer Cancer (“RTCC”) 2023! The Toronto event is taking place on June 10-11 2023 for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (“PMFC”). We’d love to have you join us, and we offer an encouraging indoor golfing incentive to do so! It’s such an important cause – we all know people who’ve been affected by this disease, many in our own families, including ours. Setting the RTCC 2023 goal now in fall 2022 is a fantastic way to focus on staying in shape for both the spring cycling and golf season ahead of next year – Ontario spring arrives suddenly! Pretty much anyone beginning preparation now should be able to complete the ride – and it is a ride, not a race!

Cancer Research: Decreasing Mortality

Before we take a closer look at the ride itself, we should remind ourselves how much difference cancer research has made over the years. As one of the world’s premier cancer research and treatment centres, The PMFC has made a huge contribution. Cancer mortality is decreasing over time. Since the cancer mortality rate peaked in 1988, it has decreased 37% in men and 22% in women between 1988 and 20211. Taking part and getting sponsorship makes a difference!

1 https://cancer.ca/en/research/cancer-statistics/cancer-statistics-at-a-glance

The Ride: It’s Fun!

The ride is a fun and personally rewarding experience. We haven’t crossed the finishing line at a marathon, but we imagine this feels similar; amazing! We first took part as members of a big corporate team in 2011, and then with a gap I cannot fathom, again in both 2021 and 2022.

The ride itself offers three different routes, each focused on a Niagara component:

  1. 2-Day: This format offers two options ($2500 min. fund raise):
    • The “The Epic Ride” that takes you over 200km from Toronto to Niagara with overnight stay in Hamilton at McMaster University. You’ll finish in front of a cheering crowd at the scenic Niagara Falls on day two.
    • The “Niagara Turnaround”. This option starts in Niagara on Day 1, riding to Hamilton and returning to Niagara on Day 2.
  2. 1-Day: The Niagara Start Line ($2000 min. fund raise)
    This is the option of starting in Niagara on Day 1 and riding to Hamilton with free transportation back to Niagara after the camp festivities.
  1. The Hammer: 100 miles on Day 1

For those wanting an extra challenge in both fundraising and from The Ride itself, you can go an extra 60km on Day 1 (for a total of 160km/100 miles) from Toronto to Hamilton. Plus, enjoy a half-way point premium lunch experience and you’ll earn the awesome Hammer cycling vest sponsored by The Carpenters Union.

We ride “The Epic Ride,” is by far the most popular.

Our RTCC 2022 Indoor Golf “Cycling Golfer” Team:

For the June 2022 Ride we had three team members: myself (Keith) and customers Jordan and Joe. Between us we raised $12,095. Jordan was especially successful with his fund raise. In lieu of Swing Golf Lounge cash sponsorship, we provided each of them a $500 value Bronze Player Card for use at our venue.

The opening ceremony is special. There’s breakfast and inspirational words from Princess Margaret’s leaders before the 3000 riders set off. After maybe six hours of cycling and multiple refreshment pit-stops along the way, we finally arrived in Hamilton. As an alternative to the accommodation available at McMaster University, we were spending Saturday night downtown and had a fun evening out to reward ourselves for the day’s 100km+ first day. We wrapped that up in time (just!) to be ready for another 100km+ on Sunday. Our bikes had been kept safely and securely stored at the Hamilton Day 2 starting point.

Support for the ride is superb, both for pre-ride preparation and the ride itself. RTCC offers ride training and advice. Along the ride itself, there’s excellent technical support and bike repair assistance. Safety is a primary consideration and there’s plenty of roving and pit-stop stationed medical staff available.

We hope you’ll consider joining us for 2023. As the RTCC highlights that many riders have said over the past 15 years, “this is an experience you didn’t know you needed.”

If you don’t want to ride with our team, maybe just consider one of our “Cycling Golfer” cycling shirt. They’re $60, which includes a $20 contribution to our RTCC fundraise.

For further information, or to buy a shirt please email us at cycle@swinggolflounge.ca 

The Incentives

For the first 8 cycling golfers to sign up for our team with at least $1000 in sponsorship by March 31st

See Terms & Conditions below

  • A $500 SGL Bronze Player Card!
  • A Team Swing Golf Lounge Cycling shirt.

Beyond the first 8 sign ups (to a maximum of another 8 team members)

See Terms & Conditions below

  • 4 Hours of FREE golf bay time.
  • A Team Swing Golf Lounge Cycling shirt.

We’ll give you a Team Swing Golf Lounge cycling shirt on April 1st if you’re signed up with Team Swing Golf Lounge with at least $100 in sponsorship by March 31st 2023

Terms & Conditions:

Bronze Card EligibilityWe’ll provide this to you on April 1st 2023 for usage by November 30th 2023. This is offered in good faith on the basis that:

1. You have signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer with Team Swing Golf Lounge with at least $1000 sponsorship by March 31st 2023. This sponsorship must be evidenced on the Team Swing Golf Lounge RTCC website.

2. The card is not transferable or permitted for resale. It is intended only for bookings made by and attended by the rider.

3. The card has no cash value and is for indoor golf bay time at Swing Golf Lounge at the prevailing published rate only.

3. Swing Golf Lounge will not be open from late May 2023 until late September 2023.
4 Hours FREE Golf bay time eligibilityAfter riding with Team Swing Golf Lounge in the RTCC 2023, we’ll provide you with four hours of free golf bay time to be used in October and/or November 2023. (Value: $180)

These hours are not transferable or for resale and can only be used by the rider and SGL playing partners.

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