Fighting Hunger: Indoor Golf & Daily Bread

Our small business experience of COVID-19 lockdowns reminded us how fragile economic wellbeing can be. As it was for so many small business owners, especially in the hospitality sector, 18 months of close to zero business revenue was extremely painful. We cut back sharply on our family spending, not knowing when, or sometimes even if, […]

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The TrackMan App: We love it!

While we were closed due to COVID, TrackMan released their new consumer app. We’ve been taking a closer look at it. In summary, we love it and feel that it’s especially transformative for golf simulation indoors and the application of that experience to golf outside. Before we consider specific functionality in the app, an overview […]

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Reopening News!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re reopening! Our first day of indoor golf season 2021/22 will be Thursday September 23rd, opening at 4 pm. From there, we’ll then be open evenings from 4 pm Wednesday – Saturday. That continues until our full seven-day operation commences with regular business hours on Thursday October 14th. We’ve been […]

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Indoor Golf on TrackMan: Practice Insights (Watch Video!)

When customers visit to play indoor golf on TrackMan, exploring the full capabilities of the TrackMan golf simulator environment isn’t always possible. Beyond the course play experience, greater insight into TrackMan’s practice functionality is potentially very helpful – so we created a video exploring its key capabilities in terms of analytics, practice environments, and reporting. […]

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2020 Golf Season: Outdoor Golf transitions to Indoor Golf

2020 has been an interesting year for golf. From a slightly uncertain start amidst COVID and some patchy weather in May, it’s been a wonderful summer season! Participation has been at its highest for many years and courses have been fully booked. The weather has been amazing! Importantly, golfers have been diligently observing social distancing […]

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Indoor Golf: a winter 2020/21 option for Golfing Snowbirds

Most Canadian Snowbirds aren’t heading south this winter because of COVID-19. So many of the estimated 300,000+ annual travellers are either avid or at least keen golfers. But there’s still golfing options for those remaining in Canada. Some may head west to the milder climate of British Columbia. For those staying in the colder regions, […]

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Working From Golf

With so many of us now working from home, there’s great opportunity to redefine our work/life balance. However, working from home has in many cases disconnected us from the social aspects of being in the office. People are often working at home either alone or separate from their families for most of the day. Indoor […]

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Coronavirus Risk : We’re closing for Now

The well-being of our customers and staff is our top priority and responsibility. We have therefore taken the tough decision to close Swing Golf Lounge for a currently undefined period due to the prevailing general risk of Coronavirus contagion. Please consider all currently outstanding bookings to be canceled. Customers with bookings this week have been […]

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