The Swing Golf Lounge Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich!

A 2024 Indoor Golf Weekly Takeout Special for $5! Follow us on Social Media to find out which days it’s available….. Then call us on 416 622 0001 to order! We only have a limited number of $5 specials available each day so – Get your order in early! Please note: Titleist Pro V1 Golf […]

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Small Business CEBA Loan Repayment

We’re an indoor golf small family business operating in Toronto since October 2018. We’re getting ready to welcome our customers back for our sixth season on October 12th, 2023. However, we’re distracted by the government’s recent announcement regarding repayment of the CEBA loan program (Canada Emergency Business Account). […]

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Golf & Big Data Opportunities:

A view from Indoor Golf In the last two decades, capturing and analysing golf play related data has increasingly become part of the game. Beyond understanding simple course playing statistics such as averages of Greens in Regulation (GIR) and average driving distance in the professional game, TrackMan’s invention of the golf launch monitor in 2003 […]

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Tiger and Rory’s TMRW Sports and the TGL

What could it mean for the future of the Smallbiz Indoor Golf Industry? When we first heard about Rory and Tiger’s TGL ‘tech-infused’ golf league in August 2022 we were delighted! As a family-owned indoor golf business in Toronto we were excited about the prospect of the simulated indoor golf scene becoming more mainstream with […]

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Golf Playing Formats:

Golf Playing Formats

For indoor golf on TrackMan and golf played outdoors How many different golf playing formats have you tried? There’s many, and TrackMan now features a significant number for playing Indoor Golf! Here we’ll explain some of the more familiar formats and also some that are a little more obscure. They each offer particular characteristics that […]

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Small Business Building Teams

At Swing Golf Lounge, we couldn’t offer the first-class indoor golf experience that we do without an amazing team. They are dedicated, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. Our entire team has remained committed to our business since before the pandemic. A couple of them travel a long way to reach us for each […]

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What is Indoor Golf?

There are many possible answers to the question above. Indoor golf can mean different things to different people. Indoor golf can also have multiple meanings for a single individual, depending on their particular focus at any one time. They may want to practice or just have fun playing a round or even a fun target […]

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Let the Indoor Golf Season Begin!

Some people call it virtual golf, others call it indoor golf. Some people may call it an indoor golf driving range. But on a TrackMan golf simulator, it is golf! And if you’ve ever visited us near the Toronto and Mississauga border from either direction, you know we pride ourselves on delivering the very best […]

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Fighting Hunger: Indoor Golf & Daily Bread

Our small business experience of COVID-19 lockdowns reminded us how fragile economic wellbeing can be. As it was for so many small business owners, especially in the hospitality sector, 18 months of close to zero business revenue was extremely painful. We cut back sharply on our family spending, not knowing when, or sometimes even if, […]

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The TrackMan App: We love it!

While we were closed due to COVID, TrackMan released their new consumer app. We’ve been taking a closer look at it. In summary, we love it and feel that it’s especially transformative for golf simulation indoors and the application of that experience to golf outside. Before we consider specific functionality in the app, an overview […]

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