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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toronto Virtual Golf Lounge

What is golf simulation, or virtual golf?

It’s just like real golf, just played indoors using golf technology. You’re using regular golf clubs and a regular golf ball. Instead of hitting the ball down the fairway and onto the green, you hit into the 4k projected screen image of a golf course about 11 feet in front of you. It’s extremely realistic!

What is Trackman?

TrackMan is the most advanced technology in the golfing world. It is a dual radar system with optical tracking also. This special orange box feeds swing, impact and short data into the simulator software which then projects onto the screen. TrackMan is the same technology used by 80 of the world’s top 100 professional players. They choose to buy it – it’s never just given to them. You can use TrackMan’s unrivalled practice capabilities, or play one our beautiful courses rendered in stunning 4k graphics.

How many courses do you have?

As of February 2021, we have 90+ courses from all over the world. Many of them feature on the PGA Tour and European Tour. Others may be less well known but are equally spectacular. By the end of 2021 it’s projected we’ll have 150 courses! All of them are difficulty rated. So if you want to select something a little easier the option is at your fingertips on-screen. Equally, all of the courses can be played from either shorter, mid, or even championship tees.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable. You don’t need to dress for the golf course. We recommend soft or moulded spike golf shoes (no metal spikes). Alternatively, running shoes are also fine. Having a good grip underfoot is important.

Are kids welcome?

Of course! We love to have kids playing golf at our venue. It’s perfect for families. Under 16’s require adult supervision.

How long does it take to play?

At a steady pace, it typically takes about one hour for each player to complete a full round of 18 holes. So, for example, you’ll most likely need 3 hours for 3 players to complete 18 holes. Find your pace during your first visit, then book future time slots accordingly. Golf absolutely does NOT need to be a full 18 holes! Consider playing 9 holes to begin with.

What if I haven’t played golf before?

We all have to begin somewhere! Golf simulation is an ideal environment for learning how to play. Bad shots just don’t matter too much; it’s not like you’re not wandering off to find a stray ball in the long grass!  Hopefully, your playing partners let you have an occasional mulligan (a free re-hit) in the early days 😊

What if I don’t have golf clubs?

In normal times, that’s no issue. We have rentals for men and women in both left and right hand. We also have some kid’s clubs. However, while the COVID pandemic persists, we do NOT have clubs available for rental.

Are lessons available?

Definitely. We use our Teaching Bay for that purpose. We always have either one or two PGA golf professionals permanently on staff. Please check our ‘Lessons’ page for further information. You can also call or email.

Why do you insist we use Swing Golf Lounge golf balls?

We use TaylorMade TP5 practice balls. They are excellent. The reason we ask you to use our balls is that they are clean and unmarked. Balls with any dirt, and especially Sharpie pen markings, can cause severe damage to our screens.

When are you re-opening after lockdown?

We’ll open when the government’s lockdown restrictions allow us to. Hopefully soon!

How does booking work?

Our booking system is available on our website. Just click ‘Book Now’ and you’ll see golf bay availability. Once you’ve selected a suitable time, you will be asked for credit card details to secure the booking. That creates a ‘Pending’ transaction only; it is NOT an actual charge. It’s like reserving a hotel room or rental car. The booking is paid for at the venue after your visit. The ‘Pending’ transaction then falls off after a few days. Please note, some card issuers are better than others in terms of transparent reporting of ‘Pending’ vs actual transactions. You can also call us to check availability if you’re having any issues online.

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