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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toronto Virtual Golf Lounge

What is golf simulation, or virtual golf?

It’s just like real golf. You use a regular set of golf clubs, and a regular golf ball. Instead of hitting the ball down the fairway, you hit he ball into an on-screen virtual golf course about 11 feet in front of you.

What is Trackman?

Trackman is the most sophisticated piece of golf technology available. It is a dual radar system that tracks your club and ball. That information feeds Trackman’s simulator software, which projects onto the screen. Watch out for the tour pros using the very same kit – most of them do!

How many courses do you have?

Right now, fifteen. Trackman is focused on unrivalled quality, just come and take a look! However the number of world famous courses available is increasing steadily.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that enables you to swing a golf club. Shoes should either be golf shoes (but no metal spikes please!), or comfortable running shoes.

Are kids welcome?

Yes, but with adult supervision. We strongly encourage family participation in golf.

How long does it take to play?

With some basic familiarity, it should take about one hour for each player to complete a full round of 18 holes. But if you’re a little slower at first, consider just playing the number of holes that suits your pace for the duration of your booking.

What if I haven’t played golf before?

Golf simulation is a perfect way to learn how to play! There’s a little less pressure compared to the 1st tee.

What if I don’t have golf clubs?

Not a problem. We have a selection of men’s and women’s clubs to rent in both right and left hand.

Are lessons available?

Definitely. That’s why we have a Teaching Bay. We have a roster of local pros on our Learn page. You can book them there directly.

Why do you insist we use Swing Golf Lounge golf balls?

Sometimes people mark their balls with pen for identification on the golf course. That ink leaves permanent damage to our screens.

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