Indoor Golf: a winter 2020/21 option for Golfing Snowbirds

Most Canadian Snowbirds aren’t heading south this winter because of COVID-19. So many of the estimated 300,000+ annual travellers are either avid or at least keen golfers. But there’s still golfing options for those remaining in Canada. Some may head west to the milder climate of British Columbia. For those staying in the colder regions, indoors in a golf simulator environment offers the perfect solution to keep the game going, whether to practice or enjoy a broad library of courses from around the world in stunning 4k graphics.

Indoor golf offers the opportunity to use the very best golf simulator technology such as TrackMan, which is used by the tour professionals on the PGA and LPGA Tour to fine tune their game. Venues across the country such as ours at Swing Golf Lounge in Toronto are friendly and unintimidating social environments for players of all levels. At many venues such as ours, you can enjoy the complete experience of indoor golf alongside excellent food and drink of a standard you’d expect at the country’s premium golf club venues.

It’s important to mention that the indoor golf community has been diligent to protect its customers and staff from the COVID risks that are preventing travel this winter. We’ve had conversations with a few virtual golf operators in Ontario and even abroad to discuss best operating procedures. At Swing Golf Lounge we’ve also had direct detailed discussions with Toronto Public Health to determine safe operations during the COVID pandemic.

So, for us and our customers, winter golf continues for 2020/21, even if there are some necessary adaptations due to current circumstances. We love to be here enjoying our passion for golf and our customers love it also. If you’re at stay-at-home Snowbird this winter, we hope you’ll be joining our indoor golf community!

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