Indoor Golf on TrackMan: Practice Insights (Watch Video!)

When customers visit to play indoor golf on TrackMan, exploring the full capabilities of the TrackMan golf simulator environment isn’t always possible. Beyond the course play experience, greater insight into TrackMan’s practice functionality is potentially very helpful – so we created a video exploring its key capabilities in terms of analytics, practice environments, and reporting. You’ll find that online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq1l8Z-fNTY. Using TrackMan to its fullest will enable you to learn and develop faster, especially if you combine that focused practice with indoor golf lessons during the winter season.

TrackMan’s data and analysis is unrivalled in the world of golf technology. It is used not only by the world’s best professional golfers and their coaches, but also by the leading golf club manufacturers and club fitters to achieve optimal results.

There’s a very comprehensive library of statistics that are captured with every shot you play in the indoor golf practice range environment. You won’t want to focus on all of them. In the video we introduce the key data components that you’ll want to consider. We then offer an overview of the different practice environments with TrackMan. These offer variety and the opportunity to practice particular shots and simulated course environments to help you improve particular aspects of your game.

Finally, we take a brief look at TrackMan’s excellent reporting capabilities. This aspect is not to be missed. It takes only a moment to set this up at the start of your practice session and then transmit the report to your email account at the end. It will enable you to review all of your shots both in data and graphical form and establish a greater understanding than may have been apparent while you were playing. With this knowledge you’ll be better prepared for your next practice session. Possibly it will spark curiosity to explore the vast array of golf instruction resources online or decide to take golf lessons.

Fundamentally, we all want to play to the best of our ability when the outdoor golf season arrives. Getting the most out of TrackMan in an indoor golf environment through the winter will help you achieve that. So please watch the video and ask us questions when you come in. We look forward to it!

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