The TrackMan App: We love it!

While we were closed due to COVID, TrackMan released their new consumer app. We’ve been taking a closer look at it. In summary, we love it and feel that it’s especially transformative for golf simulation indoors and the application of that experience to golf outside.

Before we consider specific functionality in the app, an overview from the Swing Golf Lounge perspective. TrackMan’s endeavours in the last few years have combined furthering their technical excellence with a focus also on bringing unrivalled golf learning and enjoyment to the whole golfing community, far beyond the original core audience of tour professionals, club fitters, and teaching pros. We have seen this evolution firsthand at our indoor golf venue and highly commend TrackMan for its approach. What they have delivered in the new TrackMan app offers players an even better opportunity to improve their golf and have a ton of fun doing it! 

Simple Account Creation:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, which you can do here, TrackMan has made account creation very simple

Easy Login:

With your account created, you’re able to log in to TrackMan at any venue with a couple of clicks. Scan the barcode you see in the corner of your venue screen, and you’re logged in! You don’t even touch anything. If you’re playing with others, once they’ve done the same you can select your course and get set up to play in just a few moments. From that point, all of your golf, whether on the driving range, one of 120+ simulated golf courses, or one of the fun games like ‘Bullseye’, everything is captured in the app for you to review after you’ve played.

Your Home Page:

This is where you land when you open the app. Near the top it shows your TrackMan handicap (Yes – TrackMan calculates a handicap for you!) and also “Your Bag’ where you can specify the clubs in your bag. We won’t say too much about that for now, but we’re pretty confident there’s even more exciting functionality about that particular component down the road! 

In the middle of the screen, you can see the scores from your most recent rounds represented in bar graph form which clearly illustrates your scoring trend. Then below that, you’ll see your average and longest driving distances, alongside your Fairways Hit consistency. That’s a key performance statistic for anyone looking to improve their game. Scroll down and you’ll also find Greens in Regulation and Average Score by Par, so you can establish your relative strength and weaknesses playing Par 3s, Par 4s, or par 5s.

Beneath that, you’ll see the ‘Me’ button highlighted. That’s the page you’re on. Next to that is the Activity button. Clicking that will reveal a whole load of useful and engaging information opportunities.

Activities Screen:

This is the screen where you see an overview of everything you’ve done while logged in at our venue, or even other Trackman-equipped venues, using the Trackman app. There’s lots in here to talk about, so bear with me.

Course play:

All of your indoor golf simulated rounds are captured on this screen, In this example, you can see rounds played at Quail Hollow Club, Glen Abbey, and Oswego Lake. If, for example, you click on Quail Hollow, you go straight to the first hole as shown below.

Your scorecard from that round appears at the bottom of that screen. You can scroll across to see the full scorecard. For any hole you select from that scorecard you’ll see the hole graphic with the path taken for each shot. It’s just like the graphics you see for players in PGA tour events!

We think this adds so much to the post-game experience. You can take a screenshot and share it with your friends, whether it shows crunching drives, dart-like approaches, thrilling birdies, or time spent in the woods. That’s potentially great fun to recall visually; something you can’t achieve outdoors until The Golf Channel is recording your game to broadcast!

However, beyond the fun aspect, reviewing your rounds can also tell you a great deal about how you play a golf course and where there may be room for improvement in terms of strategy and course management. We’ll talk about that a little more later on.

Practice Sessions: Shot Analysis

Clicking on any one of your practice sessions will reveal a vast amount of information. You’ll see the virtual range populated with all your shots for that session. Where you selected a different club on screen at the time (as ideally, you should), all shots taken with each club display in a different colour and are encircled by an ellipse which shows shot dispersion. The pros call that ellipse a ‘jellybean’. It’s a concept that has very significant when making decisions out on the course. That will be discussed in another blog.

From here you can drill into more detail in two ways.

  • Select a particular ‘jellybean’:

In the example below we selected the green 5 iron ‘jellybean’ to investigate further:

You can now scroll up to see a very detailed data analysis for those shots. Scroll to the right and you will see even more data points.

  • See Summary of all clubs

If you choose not to select a specific club jellybean from the main Shot Analysis screen you can also scroll up from there to see a summary of all clubs hit in that session.

Then, from that view, you can drill in further by selecting the down arrow for a particular club. In this example, we selected the 5 iron for further analysis. There you will see a summary representation of dispersion, both graphically and statistically.


This may look like quite a lot to take in if you haven’t looked at golf this way before. Not everyone will want to review practice in this depth. But plenty will, and with the application, their golf will improve both technically and in terms of golf course strategy when these insights drive more focused practice and improved decision making.

However, we’re sure that nearly everyone will enjoy seeing their indoor golf simulated rounds in the palm of their hands and being shared with their friends if they choose. The old saying is ‘The scorecard doesn’t have pictures. Well, now it does!

Please download the app at this URL and give it a try. We think you’ll enjoy it.


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