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TrackMan App

The new 2021 TrackMan app is awesome! We highly recommend that you download it to enjoy TrackMan to its fullest capabilities for both indoor and outdoor practice, course play, and games.

You’ll enjoy your indoor golf experience at Swing Golf Lounge so much more! And then you’ll be able to review everything you did after you’ve left. Read about it further below!

Your Home Screen:

Your Home Screen offers you an overview of your TrackMan profile. You’ll be able to:

  • See your TrackMan Handicap that reflects your scoring on TrackMan simulator courses
  • See a summary of your recent course rounds
  • See your:
    • Driving Distance Stats
    • Fairways Hit (and left/right miss profile)
    • Greens in Regulation
    • Average score by hole type (par 3/4/5)

And this is just the overview! There’s so much more!

Your Activity Screen:

Your Activity Screen gives you an overview of all your activities when you were logged in with the TrackMan app.

You’ll see all your:

  • TrackMan simulator rounds
  • TrackMan practice sessions
  • TrackMan games (e.g. Bullseye)

And this is only the second layer of available information! With a click, you can dig even deeper – where it becomes even more engaging! See below

Shot Analysis: All Clubs

When you select a particular Shot Analysis session you’ll see all of your shots on screen. You can toggle to see either the “Total’ or “Carry’ view. The various clubs you are displayed in different colours.

With a screen tap, you can then isolate the view to a specific club that you used in that session. Below you’ll see that we selected the shots in green.

Shot Analysis: Specific Club Isolated

With a specific club isolated you can then scroll up from the bottom of the screen to see the detail of individual shots.

Then swiping across the screen you’ll see a full set of statistics for the individual shots.

So that’s the detailed practice insights. It’s just as good for course play. See below

Course Play: Shot-by-Shot view

For every round you play, you can see your scorecard and every shot you played graphically. It’s just like the graphics you see for the PGA Tour on TV.

It’s fun to see it, and you can even capture highlights to share with friends. However, it’s also highly informative. You can learn so much about your game and improve course play strategy, both for further TrackMan simulator rounds and then for play outside.

We think you’ll love it, and your game will improve at the same time!

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