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TrackMan Shot Analysis Environments

TrackMan offers three primary shot analysis practice environments for indoor golf:

1. Range:

The Range is the original TrackMan practice facility. Within the range you can select any number of observable data elements. From here you can also engage TrackMan’s excellent reporting capabilities which produce dynamic PDF reports for you to view at Swing Golf Lounge, and receive identically by email to view on your PC or mobile device.

The Range offers multiple viewing options beyond the range itself.

Club View: Specifies key shot analysis data graphically

“Jellybean” View: Displays colour coded dispersion patterns for each club used

Overhead & Trajectory View: Displays the shot from both an overhead view and trajectory view.

2. Target Practice Range:

The Target Practice Range offers a virtual golf target environment with greens and hazards at varying distances, simulating real course play beyond the traditional driving range. It’s especially useful to practice approach shots throughout the bag.

Select the distance you wish to practice from by selecting one of the distance tiles

3. On Course Practice

The On Course Practice environment enable you to select ANY position from ANY TrackMan golf simulator course.

Advanced Practice Options:

Test Centre: The Test Centre enables you to enter your favourite drills and design any test that fits your needs. Generate your own test protocols that focus on wedges, the driver, or random distances. You have the control to create the practice plan of your choice.

TrackMan Combine:

Compete against the best or against yourself. The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enable you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Compare and benchmark yourself against the best players in the world!

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