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Swing Golf Lounge is located centrally to an abundance of wonderful golf courses on the west side of Toronto. Nearby, within 15 minutes drive, there’s twelve. Amongst those are some of the finest golf venues in Canada, such as St. Georges Golf Club in Etobicoke. Four of these are private clubs bearing the signature of Canada’s most famous course architect, Stanley Thompson. A further four are open to public play. That’s quite an amazing array, especially when you consider that the furthest of these twelve is less than 30 minutes from the CN Tower. You can see that iconic Toronto image from many of the fairways.

Perhaps this golfing profile for our nation’s most populous city isn’t a surprise. Canada ranks third for number of golf courses on the planet. We’re fifth in terms of golf courses per capita, with approximately 900 Canadians for every golf hole. Scotland ranks first with about 600 inhabitants per golf hole.

One statistic that isn’t quite in our favour is climate. Typically the golf season in southern Ontario runs from mid/late April to the end of October. That’s at least five months shy of the full twelve month season played down south in North America, or in Europe except for the Nordic countries. During those months most of us put our golf on pause, not playing, watching, or even regularly catching up with our golfing friends and acquaintances. It doesn’t need to be that way. Golf simulation technology has improved dramatically over recent years. It enables us to play indoors whatever the conditions outside, whether we are playing courses casually or competitively, practising or learning with a professional golf coach. Even outside of the winter and its shoulder months, indoor simulated golf enables us to play in the evenings socially with friends or family, while enjoying some quality food and drink at hand. So, far from golf being a seven month activity, let’s play all year round!

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