What is Indoor Golf?

There are many possible answers to the question above. Indoor golf can mean different things to different people. Indoor golf can also have multiple meanings for a single individual, depending on their particular focus at any one time. They may want to practice or just have fun playing a round or even a fun target game. What indoor golf can be to an individual is significantly dependent on their golf and sports perspective generally. The particular venue where someone elects to partake in indoor golf will be a key determinant of their overall indoor golf experience. Ultimately, indoor golf is about having more fun playing golf!

Learning: Preparation for outdoor golf season:

For more focused golfers this will be a primary objective. Golf’s off-season in colder northern climates is a perfect opportunity to learn, practice and improve golf performance. Learning may take the form of golf lessons, accompanied by focused practice sessions, or for the insightful player who has previously undertaken instruction, it may be a case of practicing routines and drills to further improve specific parts of their golf swing.

Fundamental to making any mechanical change to the golf swing is understanding swing and golf shot data offered by golf launch monitors accompanied by golf simulation software. Choice of  indoor golf venue and golf simulator technology is a critically important factor. The top tour professionals, club fitters and teaching professionals use either TrackMan or Foresight. Both offer precision unrivaled by other technologies. That precision is key to golfers of all levels seeking to improve their game. We use TrackMan. The TrackMan 4 radar launch monitor, which also features optical enhanced tracking, combines with a superbly designed software and mobile app package to make the learning experience accessible and engaging. At Swing Golf Lounge we routinely help our customers understand the data they are seeing in screen. Helping people improve their game and getting the most out of the technology is a very significant part of what we do as an indoor golf facility. We always make sure customers are aware of the excellent reporting available for their review and analysis later at home. Sometimes discovering these insights leads to a customer taking lessons with our in-house golf professionals, or they may engage with online or social media golf learning insights ahead of their next indoor golf session.

Having fun: Indoor Golf with Friends:

Where an indoor golf venue offers the complete virtual golf experience, as we do here at Swing Golf Lounge, a round of indoor golf with friends is the perfect combination of sports activity and social gathering with food and drink. You’re together, with more stimulating engagement than you might have sitting at a bar or restaurant table. Everything you can do there you can do here – while you’re playing golf! Spacing between our golf simulator bays is far greater than you will ever experience in a restaurant, but you can feel connected with the adjacent bay if you have friends there and chose to. Otherwise, you can keep to your own group and enjoy the sports on TV in you bay on behind you near the bar and lounge area.

Indoor Golf: Events and Parties:

Beyond golf practice and small group gatherings, indoor golf at a suitable venue is perfect for special events and parties. With our complete indoor golf experience of premium technology, an elegant bar with upscale food and a first class staff team, we’re ideally set up for such occasions. We’ve hosted corporate indoor golf events for businesses both large and small, including presentations and products launches. Similarly, we’ve hosted birthday and other landmark personal occasions for small groups and full venue hire. We set our standards high and our customers are always impressed by the service and experience.

Preparation for Winter Golf Trips:

If you’re planning a winter golf trip, a few weeks of indoor golf beforehand is highly beneficial preparation. Heading off to the sunshine for a week of daily golf rounds after not playing for a few months often results in inconsistent play – hardly ideal after months of eager anticipation. Time on a golf simulator keeps the golf muscles moving and maintains the golf swing after the outdoor season. With sufficient time allocated, a few improvements can also be made to achieve better performance, consistency and enjoyment on the holiday (then accompanied by some winnings and bragging rights!).

Keeping Active and Purposeful:

For many, winter is a time of much reduced physical activity. More time is spent on the sofa snacking and watching TV beyond a level anyone would choose during summer months. Indoor golf gets you of the sofa and out doing something, whether to practice solo or enjoy a golf simulator round with friends. Compared to sofa dwelling it offers so many positive opportunities both in terms of learning, personal achievement, fun and social engagement. There’s not too many activity options where someone can engage in the sport they love, enjoy quality food and drink, and engage socially. That positive experience can prospectively lead to even more active and social engagement once the indoor golf catalyst turbo charges imagination and inspiration to do even more beyond indoor golf.

Working From Golf:

Indoor golf at the right venue is a very suitable environment for combining work and indoor golf. Our golf bays are set up with a small seated bar area overlooking each golf bay from the rear. It’s the perfect spot to sit with a laptop and work while a friend or colleague practices or plays nine holes on our TrackMan golf simulators. Then switch. Our full fibre internet connection runs at ~250 Mbps over wifi. With a sampling from our upscale causal menu it’s the perfect lunch or relaxed meeting opportunity.

The Bottom Line:

Indoor golf is a big winter opportunity to be embraced whether for golf improvement or as a social experience with friends. Winter doesn’t need to be a time of hibernation and isolation. We’ve seen how much development and enjoyment can be achieved amongst our customers. We love seeing that – it’s also adds enjoyment for us and our team over the winter indoor golf season. We look forward to seeing you!  

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