Working From Golf

With so many of us now working from home, there’s great opportunity to redefine our work/life balance. However, working from home has in many cases disconnected us from the social aspects of being in the office. People are often working at home either alone or separate from their families for most of the day. Indoor Golf on a golf simulator offers the perfect opportunity to regularly connect with a friend or colleague in your COVID social bubble and play the game you love while simultaneously getting your office work done. 

At Swing Golf Lounge we have a high-speed wi-fi connection operating at ~140 Mps, probably faster than you have at home! Working while playing a partnered round on TrackMan might be challenging on a shot-for-shot basis, so we suggest either taking it in turns to play nine holes (approx. 30 minutes per player) or using the unrivalled golf practice functionality while your friend or colleague works. They’ll be right there with you watching the action and experiencing the highs and lows of your game! Alongside the unrivalled Indoor Golf experience on TrackMan, you can also enjoy a drink from our fully stocked bar or enjoy a soft drink or one of our delicious freshly prepared smoothies. We’re also proud of our excellent food offerings prepared by our long-standing chef. It’s a complete experience – we’re sure you’ll love it!

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